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Lending Library- Clinical Social Work

Clinical Social Work


The NASWNC Lending Library is a benefit available to all members.

To request anything from the library, please use the Lending Library Request Form.


LCSW Exam Study Material. Click here to fill out form.


Becoming A Professional Life Coach

Williams, P. & Menendez, D.

Norton & Company , 2015


Building your ideal private practice: A guide for therapists and other healing professionals 2nd Edition
Grodzki, Lynn
W.W. Norton & Co., 2015


Clinical Social Work Practice: An Integrated Approach

Cooper, Marlene & Lesser, Joan

Pearson Education, 2011

Cognitive behavior therapy in clinical social work practice
Ronen, Tammie & Freeman, Arthur (Eds.)
Springer, 2007

Cognitive behavioral stategies in crisis intervention    
Dattilio, Frank M. & Freeman, Arthur (Eds.)
Guilford Press, 2007

Complete Mental Health
Walker, John Ingram
W.W. Norton and Co., 2010


Direct Social Work Practice: Theory and Skills (6th ed.)

Dean H. Hepworth, Ronald H. Rooney & Jo Ann Larsen

Wadsworth Group, 2002


DSM-V Insanely Simplified

Steven Buser, MD

Chiron Production, 2014


DSM -V Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

American Psychiatic Association

American Psychiatric  Publishing


DSM -V Pocket Guide for Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Hilt, R. & Nussbaum, A

American Psychiatric Assocation Publishing, 2016

Effects of conservative religion on lesbian and gay clients and practitioners: practice implications   
Hunter, Ski       
NASW Press, 2010

Emotions: Current Issues and Future Directions
Mayne, Tracy J. & Bonanno, George A.
The Guilford Press, 2001

Essentials of interviewing    
Wiger, Donald E. & Huntley, Debra K.        
John Wiley & Sons, 2002

Essentials of Millon Inventories Assessment    
Strack, Stephen    
John Wiley & Sons, 1999

Essentials of Outcome Assessment    
Ogles, Benjamin M.; Lambert, Michael J.; & Fields, Scott A.
John Wiley & Sons, 2002

Essentials of Treatment Planning    
Maruish, Mark E.    
John Wiley & Sons, 2002
Fundamentals of an integrated model of psychotherapy    
Fernandez-Alvarez, Hector    
Jason Aronson, 2001
Grief counseling and grief therapy: A handbook for the mental health practitioner    
Worden, J. William    
Springer, 2002

Handbook of Clinical Social Work Supervision   
Munson, Carlton
Haworth Social Work Practice Press, 2002


Handbook of depression    
Gotlib, Ian H. & Hammen, Constance L. (Eds.)
Guilford Press, 2002


Intergrated Care: A guide for Effective Implementation   
Lori Raney, Gina Lasky, & Clare Scott    
American Psychiatric Associaion, 2017


Journey of Recovery (DVD - Mental illness)    
Bart Kean & Ted Thomas    
Kent Digital Films, 2006

Laws affecting clinical practice
Sales, Bruce D.; Miller, Michael Owen; & Hall, Susan R.
American Psychological Association, 2005


Mental Health: Section Concentration

NASW Specialty Practice Sections


The New Private Practice

Grodzki, Lynn

W.W. Norton & Co.


Nutrition Essentials for Mental Health

Korn, Leslie

Norton & Company, 2016

Out of the Shadow (DVD - Schizophrenia)
Smiley, Susan
Vine Street Pictures, 2006

Overcoming depression: A cognitive-behavior protocol for the treatment of depression (Therapist protocol)    
Emery, Gary
New Harbinger Publications, 2000

Personality Work Book

Ben Tausig

Falls River Press, 2010


Private Practice: Section Connection

NASW Speciality Practice Sections


Psychopharmacology handbook for the non-medically trained    
Dziegielewski, Sophia
W.W. Norton & Co., 2006


Psychotherapy Supervision and Consultation in Clinical Practice

Gold, Judith

Rowman &  Littlefield Publishing, 2006


The Sexual Healing Journey

Maltz, Wendy


Social Work Supervision

Tsui, Ming-Sum

Sage Publishing, 2005

Study Guide to DSM-V

Weiss Roberts, L. & Louie, A. 

American Psychological Association Publishing, 2015


Supervision and Clinical Psychology

Fleming, I. & Steen, L.

Brunner-Routledge, 2004

Therapist as life coach: Transforming your practice    
Williams, P. & Davis, D.C.
W.W. Norton & Co., 2002   


Third Party Reimbursement for Clinical Social Work Services

Schwartz, B. & Flowers, J.

Impact Publishers, 2008


Thoughts for therapists: Reflections on the art of healing
Schwartz, Bernard; Flowers, John V.
Impact Publishers, 2008


Understanding Mental Disorders: Your Guide to DSM-5

American Psychiatric Association

American Psychiatric Publishing, 2015

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